Fine fire-clay of the highest quality hand-cast Like a rich oriental fabric, Manatares shines brightly: thanks to the refined palette and the glazing that embellishes the slightly raised decorations. The classic, rigorous shape enhances the fine finish. Glossy or matte glazes accommodate highly refined decorations in design and materials: from the geometric rigour of black and white or gold, to oriental reminiscences of golden inflorescences, Manatares comes alive in seven precious and regal versions.

French porcelain of the highest quality hand-cast. A classic circular container becomes exquisite. And those precious decorations achieve the most diverse effects: thanks to geometric backgrounds or abstract textures or designs with oriental reminiscences…

Candy White Bamboo lay-on washbasin, inside: glossy black, outside decoration in white
negative relief on glossy black. Colour, colour, colour! Like many-coloured candies, Candy plays with the simplicity of form and the originality of the combinations, whether plain or decorated with small abstract or figurative geometries.